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General serial status



General serial status can be used to display user defined information received by Serial Port A(requires a RS232 adapter). The function is only available in modes not already using the serial port. The information will be displayed formatted using the <pre> tag so for ex. the line feed character causes the following information to be displayed on a new line.  General serial status is configurable under the Serial settings menu. It can be either turned off or configured to show 1-3 status messages. The status messages are date and time stamped, with the most recent received displayed first. Note that if the Webswitch is restarted the messages will be lost.

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The format of the status messages is as follows:

STX + [Message text] + ETX

STX is ASCII character 2, and ETX is ASCII character 3. The [Message text] is printable ASCII characters, including line feed.

The maximum length of each messages is 160+2 characters, one for STX, one for ETX and 160 for the message text.

Example to display the text “Row 1″:

[STX]Row 1[ETX]

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