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Antenna Selection (HAM version only)


This page is used to configure the selection of antennas based on which frequency band the radio is using. It allows for up to 25 band segments of which each of them can use one or more relays for the antenna selection.

It is possible to select which relays should be used by the antenna selection function. The relays omitted will be available for other purposes, like manual control. If the Webswitch is a relay master, then up to 10 relays can be used.

There is also a disconnect timeout which can be used to inactivate all used relays if no radio frequency information is received within a chosen time interval. It can also be inactivated, meaning that the relays will not be inactivated.

When updating from an older firmware version the frequency bands used will be migrated into this list.

In the example above relay 3 isn’t used for antenna selection.

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