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Rotator Settings


Above is shown the page for entering the Rotator settings available from firmware version 1.19.

Rotator image URL is used to select where to get the images used to show the position of the antenna rotator. Leaving it empty gives a default URL = “http://www.remoterig.com/1216H/azi”.
It is possible to host the pictures on a web server of your choice, just download the pictures from HERE and change the URL. It is also possible to customize the pictures, but care must be taken if their sizes are changed as it will change the layout of the page.

Rotator enables/disables rotator support as well as selecting which rotator to use. The Prosistel, Green Heron RT-21, DCU-1, Yaesu GS-232B and AlfaSpid RAK rotators need the RS-232 Adapter 1216S interface adapter and will exclusively use Serial A port. The Analogue rotator needs the 1216L interface card.

The presets texts and degrees are used to program the 12 preset buttons on the rotator page.

Power relay is used to select a relay used to turn on the power to the rotator.

Manual control is used to enable or disabled manual control of the rotator.

Command delay(ms) sets the web page interface disable timeout after each issued command.

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