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Dynamic DNS Settings


Above is shown the settings page for the Dynamic DNS support. It is possible to either use Microbit’s own dynamic DNS system or use DynDNS’s system.

If you will use the WEB-Switch for remote control over the Internet it will most of the times be placed behind a NAT-router, which means it will not be directly accessible from the Internet. Fixed IP addresses are also not very common which is another problem. The most common solution to this is to use port forwarding in the router in combination with a dynamic DNS system.

The port forwarding makes it possible to setup the router in the way that a “call” from outside to port 80 is mapped to the Inside IP address used by the WebSwitch and to port 80 for example. If the router does not support port translation it’s possible to change the HTTP port number in the WebSwitch. As an example you can set the WebSwitch HTTP port to 8001 then the router can do a straight mapping (most of the Netgear routers only handles straight mapping).

A built in DynDNS and Microbit Dynamic DNS Client are implemented in the Webswitch 1216H which can be used if your router does not have it. The dynamic DNS client checks what IP address the router has got from the ISP and sends the updated information to DynDNS’s och Microbit’s DNS server.

When using DynDNS you can use your own “Host name” instead of a IP address when you want to connect to the WEB-Switch and you don’t need to bother if the IP at the remote site changes. You need to register a account at www.dyndns.com to start with. After that you enter the same information at the Internal DynDNS web page in the RRC. “DynDNS check time” sets how often the IP-check should be done. DynDNS says it should be 10 minutes or longer. If you put 0 the DynDNS client is not activated.

Note that when using Microbit’s dynamic DNS system the host name, username and password are automatically generated by the Webswitch! They will be visible after submitting and applying the settings followed by a page reload.

If you have more than one Webswitch at the same place DynDNS should only be active in one of the units.

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