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Version 2.5 and newer: 


Version 2.4 and older:


Above: Behind the link “Temperature/RH” you will find readings from local and remote temperature and relative humidity sensors, or “N/A” if no reading is available. It is also possible to set the wanted temperature if you use the Webswitch for temperature control.(Function type on page Advanced settings set to Heating/cooling control, cycle or Fan control.)

In version 2.5 and newer a max/min feature has been added. It will show the maximum and minimum readings since last reset. Date/time format of last reset is YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm where YYYY is 4 digit year, MM month, DD day, HH 24 hours hour and mm minute. Note that the max/min readings are saved in RAM memory, so if the Webswitch’s power supply is removed then the readings will be lost. However, restarting the Webswitch, like when applying settings, will preserve the readings.

The number of decimals can be set in Advanced Settings.

New in version 3.0: The temperature reading are automatically refreshed every 60 seconds eliminating the need to reload the page to see the current temperatures.

The supported range when measuring temperature is -55 to +125 C degrees. The supported range when controlling temperature is 5 to 99 C degrees.

More info about heating/cooling/fan control can be found here.

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