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Above: On the web page behind the link “Set relays” you can control the relays, red buttons are activated relays, green are inactivated ones. A short describing text can be set for each relay. If a relay is controlled by a extension like Car Warm Up then its name is shown under “Program”.¬†There are also buttons for turning on or off all relays simultaneously(unless “Only one relay ON simultaneously” on “Relay settings” is set to “Yes”).

It is possible to configure pulsing of the relays, i.e. the relay is activated for a programmable number of seconds. Above relay 1 has pulsing enabled. To select the length of the pulse click the “Show pulse settings’ link. The page will look then look like this:


Selecting 0(zero) as pulse length will disable the pulse function. 1-10 will give a 1-10 seconds long pulse, while 11 and higher will give a “value x seconds” long pulse. For example, entering 240 will give a 240 x 15 = 3600 seconds = 1 hour long pulse. The maximum value is 255.

New in version 3.0 and newer:

  • The status of the relays is automatically refreshed every second second eliminating the need to reload the page to see the current relay status.
  • When using the Webswitch to control Antennas based on used Radio bands it is possible to disable the control using Antenna Control.

It is possible to control the relays externally using specific URLs.

Note that from version 1.20 a new better way of controlling the relays has been implemeted. Go here to find more about that.

They look like this:

(Turns on relay 1)

(Turns off relay 1)

(Turns on relay 2)

and so on.

Turning all relays on or off are also possible:



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