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- Rotator images

Graphics for rotator are now integrated in fw. No internet connection needed anymore.

Here you can download the images used to show the rotator position. By downloading them you can place them on a web server of your own choice and/or modify them as you like.

Things you must do if you wish to use them without modifying them placing them on a web server of your choice:

  • Download the zip file.
  • Extract all files in it.
  • Upload all files to a web server.
  • Enter the URL to the web server’s image folder in “Advanced Settings” -> “Rotator image URL”. The default is “www.remoterig.com/1216H/azi/” (The URL can also start with “http://”)

If you also want to modify the images then they must be named exactly the same as the original ones(case sensitive) and it is also recommended that their sizes(width x height) are the same. The width/height can easily be found using a image editor program, or even Window’s Explorer. All images are JPEGs.

Download the images here

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