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Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to control the relays by an external program? Yes, go here to find more information about how to do that for version 1.19 and older and here for version 1.20 and newer.
How to avoid unintentional change of serial number and MAC Do not read setup from one Webswitch, disconnect it, connect another and then Save. In Setup Manger 1.9 and newer this  has been made impossible to do as the setup form is closed when the Webswitch is disconnected.
The Webswitch doesn’t respond when using USB and the Setup Manager program If the Webswitch isn’t connected to a Ethernet network then try to connect it to a router/switch.
I can’t browse to the Webswitch, or browsing is slow. 1/ Update the Webswitch’s firmware.
2/ Update the router’s firmware.
3/ Try with another router/switch.
The Webswitch seems to restart in different situations. Make sure “Debug level” on the “Advanced settings” page is set to “Off” (“Debug level” is not available in firmware 1.23 and newer.)
Reset settings to default The factory settings can be restored by connecting the Webswitch via USB to a Windows PC and then use the Microbit Setup Manager program. Go to the menu: Advanced->Set default settings
Which humidity sensor should I use? The Webswitch 1216H works with this sensor.
Which termoelementinterface should I use? This
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