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Microbit Setup Manager software

The initial settings of the network parameters like IP number is easiest done via the Setup manager. The Microbit Setup Manager is a software for Windows based PCs(XP SP3 and newer). The Manager connects to the Webswitch 1216H via USB. A USB cable is supplied with the Webswitch.

The Setup Manager can be used for:

  • Show software and hardware versions.
  • Setting IP address, netmask, gateway, DHCP (on/off)
  • Show used MAC, IP address, netmask, gateway and DNS (if DCHP is used it could be useful)
    Note! For the “Browse unit” button to work the Webswitch has to have a working Ethernet network connection! An USB connection is not enough.)
  • Upgrade firmware, both application and bootloader.

Start with downloading the latest version of Microbit Setup Manager below. Install the Setup Manager by following the instructions which shows up. If you have a older operating system installed where .Net Framework 2.0 is not installed, the installer will guide you trough the installation of Net framework.

Note that Windows XP SP2 and older sometimes has problems with USB connected devices, so SP3 is highly recommend.

Note! The installer program has been changed from version 1.13,  so if you are upgrading from version 1.12 or older you will have to uninstall the previous version manually before installing the new version.

Revision log:

Microbit Setup Manager_v2.06 2019-09-25

– Some bugfixes

Microbit Setup Manager_v2.05 2019-03-30

– New Certificates (Sectigo)

Microbit Setup Manager_v2.04 2019-03-09

– Some bugfixes

– Note! Certificates expires, Can’t be  used in new installations after 2019-04-19

Microbit Setup Manager_v2.03 2019-02-14

– Some bugfixes
– Note! Certificates expires  Can’t be  used in new installations after. 2019-04-19,

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.31 2016-03-10

– Fixed a problem which caused wrong virtual serial port status.
– Note! Certificates expires  Can’t be  used in new installations after. 2019-04-19,

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.30

– Fixed a problem which could cause the program to consider a device that was connected via USB being “disconnected”.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.28

– New drivers for software only virtual com ports with fixes for Windows 10/8.1.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.27

– Added a new feature (“Net info/find tab) which makes it easier to find and configure RRC/WS devices on the local network  regardless of their IP addresses. Requires RRC version 2.79/Webswitch version 4.1 or newer.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.26

-Fixed an compatibility issue with older firmware version.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.25

– Better formatting of firmware version when having an older boot loader.
– Fixed a bug introduced in v1.24 which caused an error message when clicking the Setup tab in case of profiles not used in the RRC/WS.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.24

– New feature. It’s now possible to change the data in all profiles from the SetupManager, not only the default profile. (RRC v2.75 or WS 2.5 needed).
– Improvements to the COM port installation.
– Virtual COM port fixes.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.22

– Support for installing on 64 bits Windows which requires signed drivers.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.21

– Added dialogs which informs about that the network setups(LAN+WiFi) are using the “default” profile regardless of currently active profile.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.20

– Added support for configuring and installing remote serial ports.  The function will make it possible to redirect a COM port in a PC to a remote Webswitch using the network for communication. Requires Webswitch firmware version 3.0 or newer.
– Added support for detecting when an Remote Rig runs on USB power and then disable the Wi-Fi setup as well as pointing out that Net Info isn’t available then.
– Added support for showing Wi-Fi channels when scanning.  Requires Remote Rig firmware 2.66 or newer.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.17

– Fixed a problem when upgrading boot loader.
– Locked tab switch during firmware update.
– Added support for profile change in Webswitch 1216H version 2.5 and newer. 1.16, 1

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.14

– Fixed a problem with the ‘Set Serial Number/MAC’ function for serial numbers from 2096-4095.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.13

– Prohibited profile selection when profiles haven’t been first-time initialised.
– Added possibility to see/change web server port.
– Added space trimming in setup texts.
– Installer: Added possibility to skip virtual COM port driver installation.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.12

– Fixed an issue that could cause the virtual COM ports inaccessible if the Setup Manager was running while disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.11

Note! This version and newer does not install the needed Net Framework automatically. You will have to install at least version 2.0 manually if you don’t have it. Also note that upgrading from a previous version might fail. In that case you will have to uninstall the old version before installing this version.

– Added installation of 3 additional virtual COM ports used by the RRC.
– FW/HW/Net information is now retrieved when the corresponding tab is clicked.
– Added possibility to change current profile in the RRC. Requires RRC firmware 2.44 or newer.
– Added possibility to change DNS server in RRC/Webswitch
– The status window now shows the 8 last messages. The most current is shown in red.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.9

– Fixed a possible unintentional change of MAC and serial number when changing setup info on two or more Webswitches after each other.  See the FAQ for more information.
– Added more error codes and messages.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.8

– Now with the possibility to update the bootloader also.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.7b

– Changed name for temporary extract folder to fool idiot virus detection software.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.7

– Minor fixes.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.6

- Minor fixes.

Microbit Setup Manager_v1.5

– Initial public version.

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