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– Download firmware – HAM edition

To download the new firmware click on the blue link. Instructions about how to update the firmware is described under 1216H Info and Start up 1216H pages.

Note!: Always unzip the bin-file inside the zip-file before updating!
Also note!: If you have firmware/software version 1.8 or older installed, you must install this file first.

As of version 4.0 the firmware has been split into two editions: “HAM” and “HOME”.  The HAM radio edition has the functionality needed for controlling antennas, rotators, etc. The HOME edition is used for home automation tasks. The version tree 3.x will still be available but only for maintenance, like bug fixes etc.

>>>Do not upgrade using the HAM version if you intend to use the Webswitch for HOME automation!<<<

Revision log:

Version 4.59 HAM edition:

  • Graphics for rotator are now integrated in fw. No internet connection needed anymore.
  • Remote serial server, new mode = raw server.
  • Remote serial server baudrate increased to 115200 to support  LP-100A for example.
  • Stop button in Alfaspid ant prosistel mode.
  • New ip-stack lwip-2.1.2
  • Pulse function for relays
  • Increased resistant against aggresive internet robots.


Version 4.27 HAM edition:

  • Added support for new flash memory, no new functionality

Important! If you have a Webswitch with bootloader v 1.13 or later you can NOT install older versions than 4.27. If you do that you will brick your Webswitch and need to send it to us to recover it.

Version 4.23 HAM edition:

  • Added support for hardware version 4.
  • DynDNS client improvements and more status information.
  • Further support for visual impaired users.

Version 4.20 HAM edition:

  • Dynamic DNS improvements.
  • Added action “Toggle relay + restart” in the Ping/Watchdog.
  • Support for hardware version 4.
  • Added “Unit ID” on antenna and relay pages.
  • Fixed bugs in the analogue rotator with scale start other than 0 and 180 degrees.

Version 4.17 HAM edition:

  • Fixed a temperatur.nu bug which could prevent getting the temperatures.
  • The Set Relays page has been changed to better support visual impaired users using screen readers.

Version 4.15 HAM edition:

  • No longer possible to activate more than one relay simultaneously using HTTP-REST commands if “Only one relay ON simultaneously” is active.
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent the remote serial TCP port from reconnecting if the connection to the other side was lost.

Version 4.11 HAM edition:

  • Added possibility to select which of the relays are used to select antennas in Array Switch rotator control mode. (Including remote radio).
  • The free memory indicator on the System Info web page showed too little free memory.
  • Added support for antenna control using the Yaesu FT-817/847/897 radios.
  • Added support for “only one relay on simultaneously” in the phone Apps. (Requires updated Apps too)
  • The relays used to control antennas/rotator are now disabled on the manual control web page.
  • Better handling of web browser which send “TCP Reset” instead of a normal “TCP Close”. Could in some cases cause the Webswitch to reset. Still could cause pages to fail loading, either the whole page or partially, but a reload of the page often fixes that.
  • Misc web page changes and improvements.

Version 4.5 HAM edition:

  • Added connection status for 1-wire devices.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the CW and CCW rotator buttons to not work if the setting “Scale start” was non-zero.
  • Improvements in the DNS and NTP functions to better handle ISPs which blocks the DNS and NTP ports.
  • Increased the number of rotator presets to 12(from 8). The presets are only displayed if they are programmed(=have names)
  • Added DNS and NTP status to the System Info page.
  • Added programmable Command timeout when controlling rotators.
  • Misc. fixes and improvements.

Version 4.2 HAM edition:

  • New feature which enables easy network setup in combination with Setup Manager(1.27 and newer)
  • Added “Last WD reset” info on the System Info page. Shows the last restart reason if the restart was on purpose.
  • Added “raw” mode to the remote serial port.
  • The min/max temperature reset button was missing.
  • Antenna control: Current frequency is updated more often.
  • Antenna control: The “Automatic control” buttons did not work or update correctly.

Version 4.0 HAM radio edition:

  • Support for rotator controller 1216L-5.
  • Added endpoint break when using the CW/CCW buttons.
  • The CW/CCW buttons can be removed from the interface.
  • Changed the rotator page so it should work on iPhone and Android devices.
  • Rotator presets without name are given a default name “Preset x”.
  •  Improvements and bug fixes for the RFC2217(remote serial port) client and server features.
  • Added RFC2217 connection status info to the status page.

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