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This is only available in the “extended” version!

The “Car Warm Up” software extension is used to automatically control of one or two relays/Nexa remote switches in order to heat up the car’s engine and/or coupé at a given departure time and outside temperature.


Above is the main page of the Car Warm Up module. It shows status of the two cars Car Warm Ups, overrides and settings.

Override is used to temporarily set other departure times or force on/off. On and Off force the corresponding relays on/off regardless of time and temperature. Today and Tomorrow is used to set some other departure time than normally used for today or tomorrow. It is also possible to set Today/Tomorrow and Skip as hour in order to skip activation today or tomorrow.

Settings is a link to general settings for that cars’ settings:


Above is the settings for one Car Warm Up’s car. Here it’s possible to give it a name, set the departure times’ pattern, which relay to use, which temperature sensor to use, how long after departure time to keep it on, set temperature/time pattern and if the program may be manually overridden. “Advanced settings” is a link to a page with additional tasks like clearing all settings.

The departure times’ patterns in the example are set up to have the car warm at 8.00(am) from Monday to Friday, while Saturday and Sunday don’t have any departure times. That is because the pattern is set up to start on Monday and has 7 days/departure times. The pattern is endlessly repeated so for it to repeat once a week the number of departure times should be 7. The current day is shown in red text.

It is possible to set 0(zero) departure times. In that case no regular schedule is used and on has to use the override function in order to activate the function.

The temperature/time pattern is used to control the activation time depending on the temperature. In this example the activation time is for ex. 45 minutes for temperatures between 0(C) and +6, one hour for temperatures between -5 and 0 …. and two hours and 30 minutes for temperatures below -30.

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