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– Download firmware – HOME edition

To download the new firmware click on the blue link. Instructions about how to update the firmware is described under 1216H Info and Start up 1216H pages.

Note!: Always unzip the bin-file inside the zip-file before updating!
Also note!: If you have firmware/software version 1.8 or older installed, you must install this file first.

As of version 4.0 the firmware has been split into two editions: “HAM” and “HOME”.  The HAM radio edition has the functionality needed for controlling antennas, rotators, etc. The HOME edition is used for home automation tasks. The version tree 3.x will still be available but only for maintenance, like bug fixes etc.

>>>Do not upgrade using the HOME version if you intend to use the Webswitch for HAM radio tasks!<<<

Version 4.x HOME has now been released as a ‘beta’ versions. The suggested use is for testing out the new features and give us feedback about it as it contains lots of changes. When upgrading from older versions it is suggested to use the “Export settings(bin)” feature before upgrading if a downgrade will be necessary.

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Home> WebSwitch 1216H Home > 3.02

Revision log:

Version 4.97 HOME edition

  • ACP > Temperatures > Virtual Sensors

Version 4.95 HOME edition

  • voltage reset
  • Temp/RH/Thermo > ACP


 Version 4.93 HOME edition

  • “Temperatures:” > “Max/Min” :
    -55°C to +125°C
    -270 till +1013
  • Virtual Sensors > XX.X(0-9)
  • “Show help” > “4.XX”
  • “Web” > “Any virtual temperature sensor”

 Version 4.92 HOME edition

  • Remote Webswitches
  • Temp/RH/Thermo

 Version 4.91 HOME edition

  • “Monitoring” > “Alarm temp(C)/RH/level” / “Reset temp(C)/RH/level” > “−32,767, +32,767″ (−127, +127)

Version 4.89 HOME edition:

1/ Application upgrade > Version 4.85 HOME edition

2/ Bootloader upgrade > Version 1.15 

3/ Application upgrade > Version 4.89 HOME edition 

 Version 4.87 HOME edition

Version 4.85 HOME edition: 

1/ Application upgradeVersion 4.85 HOME edition OLD

2/ Bootloader upgrade > Version 1.15 NEW   

3/ Application upgrade > Version 4.85 HOME edition 

Version 4.72 HOME edition: 

    •  4.28 > 4.72
    • Remote Webswitches etc.
    • Analog input: > Analog sensor name 1-3
    • Thermocouple
    • System Info > Ext. IP/Web server
    • Rand x 20. (rise/set)
    • Sun state. (red/blue)
    • SMHI
    • http://[webswitch address]/difftemp/[1-25]
    • http://[webswitch address]/sun/rises
    • http://[webswitch address]/sun/sets
    • http://[webswitch address]/relaycontrol/pulse/[relay]
    • Robots
    • Denkovi 8 relay box
    • “Serial settings” > “Raw”
    • “Serial A baudrate” > “115200”
    • lwip 2.1.2

Version 4.28 HOME edition: 

      • Work around for bug in smartsms webservice. tetx changed in alarm/reset messages.

Version 4.27 HOME edition: 

      • Added support for new flash memory, no new functionality

Important! If you have a Webswitch with bootloader v 1.13 or later you can NOT install older versions than 4.27. If you do that you will brick your Webswitch and need to send it to us to recover it.

Version 4.23 HOME edition: 

This is a release with lots of changes so if you install it we suggest keeping an extra eye on how it behaves as well as using ‘Export settings(bin)’ to save the settings before upgrading ;-)

      • Added ‘virtual’ temperature sensors. They use two physical temperature sensors readings to show a difference between them. Makes it possible to control using relative temperatures.
      • Nexa switches can now be used as digital inputs in Auto Control Programs(ACP). If ‘Use received Nexa codes’ is enabled then a Nexa remote sending a previously programmed code can be used as part on an Auto Control Program rule.
      • Fixed a bug in relay pulse when using local 1-wire relays.
      • ACP overrides now have two more options, ‘On, then Off’ and ‘Off, then Off’. The relay will be forced on/off for the set time and then the override is set to off/on.
      • ACP settings redesigned  with separate digital input and state fields.
      • Now possible to get max/min temperatures as well as last time for temperature reset via HTTP-REST.
      • Car Warm Up now has two new overrides, ‘Skip today’ and ‘Skip tomorrow’.
      • Remote WS bug fixes.
      • Added support for the new 1216P I/O 1-wire card.
      • DynDNS client improvements.
      • The relay pulse function now treats values of 11 and higher as ‘seconds x 15′ making it possible to pulse a relay for up to 255 x 15 seconds. Values 1-10 means like before 1-10 seconds.
      • Fixed a bug in Car Warm Up causing Nexa remotes not getting periodically updates in certain cases.

Version 4.20 HOME edition:

      • Added support for hardware version 4.
      • The 1-wire temperature sensors are now always scanned with one seconds interval, regardless of number of sensors.

Version 4.18 HOME edition:

Version 4.17 HOME edition:

      • Added support for sending monitor alerts as SMS using www.nexmo.com or www.smartsms.nu.
      • Fixed a bug in monitor alerts’ email sending function which could cause emails not to be sent.
      • Added possibility to read max/min temperatures via HTTP-REST.
      • Fixed a temperatur.nu bug which could prevent getting the temperatures.
      • The Set Relays page has been changed to better support visual impaired users using screen readers.

Version 4.15 HOME edition:

      • No longer possible to activate more than one relay simultaneously using HTTP-REST commands if “Only one relay ON simultaneously” is active.
      • Fixed a bug which could cause monitoring email not to be sent.
      • Fixed a bug which could prevent the remote serial TCP port from reconnecting if the connection to the other side was lost.

Version 4.11 HOME edition:

      • Better handling of web browser which send “TCP Reset” instead of a normal “TCP Close”. Could in some cases cause the Webswitch to reset. Still could cause pages to fail loading, either the whole page or partially, but a reload of the page often fixes that.
      • Misc. improvements.

Version 4.9 HOME edition:

      • Added support for “only one relay on simultaneously” in the phone Apps. (Requires updated Apps too)
      • Fixed wrong format(HTML syntax errors) on the temperature page.
      • The Free Memory function showed too little memory available.
      • The HTTP-REST commands /relaystate/get and /relaystate/get2 missed HTTP headers.

Version 4.5 HOME edition:

      • Added connection status for 1-wire devices.
      • Improvements in the DNS and NTP functions to better handle ISPs which blocks the DNS and NTP ports.
      • Added DNS and NTP status to the System Info page.
      • Misc. fixes and improvements.

Version 4.3 HOME edition:

Version 4.1 HOME edition:

Version 4.0 HOME edition:

      • Remote serial port(RFC2217) improvements.
      • Added support for two new 1-wire devices, a dual digital input and a single digital output.
      • Fixed a display error for temperatures between -1C and +1C.
      • Changed the Fan Control feature to Difference control which enables to keep for ex. the inside temperature a selectable degrees above the outside temperature.
      • Added support for Remote Webswitch input/output devices in the extended version.
      • “Temporarily disable 5 mins” for Nexa remote switches does not disable manual control.
      • Improvements when sending Monitoring emails.
      • Added more HTTP-REST commands.
      • Added a new Advanced Setting called Use received Nexa codes which enables the Webswitch to set the status of Nexa remotes according to received Nexa codes from a Nexa remote control.
      • The state of the Ping action relay can be selected.
      • USB improvements preventing some PCs from hanging when for ex submitting settings using Setup Manager.
      • Possible to enter a custom name for the two built-in digital inputs.
      • Misc. other improvements.

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