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IP settings


Above: Behind the IP Settings link a Unit ID can be set, all normal IP settings, WEB server port, Ethernet type and login information for the web pages. IP, Netmask, Gateway, and DNS server only accepts IP addresses, not host names.

Changing the Web server port used by the internal web server from the default port 80 to something else can be convenient in combination with routers and port forwarding where port 80 already is in use.

For Ethernet type only “Auto” or “Auto, prefer 10Mbit” are recommended. The other modes force the settings without negotiating with the connected router/switch, which could lead to network related problems.

For the Webswitch to have correct date/time you need to set up a SNTP server.

Note that “Telnet server port” normally isn’t visible due to Telnet not being available per default.